29th November 2015

Today our final race of the year. Boy was it wet and windy. About 250 runners turned up and braved the weather! Fantastic! The start was in the Broadhurst Band Club, great location in the middle of Greenfield town with the start a bit further up the hill. The area is varied and has some great running, but also bogs and tussocks! The route choice was important for the competitors. With the wind at full force coming back to the finish, quite a few runners came in late, up to 1.5 hrs! Everybody was wet, but that made the hot soup, bread, hot drinks and cakes (of course) taste even better. The atmosphere after the race was brilliant, everybody (probably) glad they were back in one piece. And great to have Jasmin Paris, the British fell running champion participating (and winning!). Hope you enjoyed the 2015 series. See you next year!

9th August 2015

The third round in the 2015 Rab Mini Mountain Marathon series will be held in the Skiddaw area in the Lake District close to Keswick. We have done a few trips there to recce the area. It is a challenging area with lots of quite steep climbs, but also fantastic views over the lakes. We are now back from holiday and ready to go for the third round. When I am writing this the third race is only 3 weeks away. We have a reasonable number of entries, but are hoping for a few more. A bank holiday weekend in the Lakes with a Mini Mountain Marathon in the middle, what more can one want? See you on the 30th!

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27th May 2015

Two weeks to go to our first evening race. On the Friday evening the
12th of June we are organising a two hour evening event in Dovedale. 

This is literally on our doorstep. A beautiful limestone valley with rocks, crags, ravines, rivers, caves....and of course the famous stepping stones. A real must see if you haven't been here. We have set out a challenging course. 15 controls, lots of route choices. And of course everyone can do this at their own pace, whether you see this as a sprint mini mountain marathon, a practice run for a bigger mountain marathon or just a nice active evening out. See you on the 12th !

7th February 2015

Today our first race, the first round of the 2015 Rab Mini Mountain Marathon series. We had a great turnout, around 250 people participated despite a lot of snow on the moors. The weather was reasonable, dry at least. Most participants seem to have a great time and the soup and cakes seem to go down well. Kristof Nowicki was first male with 440 points and Julia Nolan first female with 347 points. Well done !

A great start of our new venture. Thank you all for participating and thank you to our children for helping out with the organisation. 

19th March 2015

Today we are announcing the location for the second race of the 2015 Rab Mini Mountain Marathon Series. The race will be held in Great Langdale, one of the most famous areas in the Lake District and home to some of the most famous Wainwright fells like Bow Fell and Crinkle Crags. The area has some very challenging terrain and also offers spectacular views. The start and finish is at the Sticklebarn tavern in Great Langdale.

19th April 2015

The second race in the 2015 Series was a real success. The weather was kind, with some brilliant sunny weather setting out and collecting the controls the day before and after. The terrain was very challenging, but also immensely beautiful. Great Langdale is one of our favourite spots. Everybody seemed happy with the event. We did have a call to the Mountain rescue, but luckily all turned out alright. Steve Birkenshaw from the Berghaus team won with 410 points and Dorothy Pelly from Ambleside AC was the first female with 230 points. Thank you all for participating and thank you to our children for helping out again. 

12th June 2015

Our first Evening Race today. A brilliant, sunny, but a bit muggy day to set out the controls and all the 'caution runner' signs up. Great day to be off work and do 'this other job' :) Then setting up at the Old Dog Pub - thank you very much guys for supporting the race ! Around 5 pm the first people arrive. Lots of entries on the day, which is great to see, and quite a few people who are new to the MMM format, fantastic! That's exactly why we are organising a 2 hour race. Some more experienced racers are commenting on the different nature of a 2 hour rest, real sprinting at the end to be back in time. With people coming back, I had some issues with the results system, but that was resolved fairly quickly (phew!). Lots of positive comments on the race, which is great to hear. And the evening finished with a very relaxing atmosphere, no rain (!), cakes and a few beers. A great evening. Congratulations to the course winners (Richard Hunt and Dorothy Pelly) and all the class winners. A Rab Beanie is on its way - thanks Rab for providing the prizes!

6th February 2015

Today we have made last preparations for tomorrow's race. All the controls are out, the signs are up and we are ready for tomorrow!

The sun was out today and the views where fantastic. A beautiful snow
landscape. Conditions are quite challenging, there is a fair amount of 
snow, ok on footpaths (but quite icy) and sometimes up to knee deep
in areas with tussocks. Don't dress too cold, definitely bring all the kit that is required and don't plan too optimistic. But I can assure you it will be very rewarding (when it is all done!).

30th August 2015

Today we held the third race in the 2015 Rab Mini Mountain Marathon series in the Skiddaw area. The weather forecast looked horrible all week, but it turned out to be a fantastic bank holiday weekend. Setting out and collecting controls in the sun and reasonable weather on race day as well. Bit foggy to start of with, by the afternoon glorious sunshine with all the competitors enjoying their lunch outside on long tables. The race was in tough terrain, with heather and all other types of vegetation making it quite difficult for everyone. The area is beautiful though, purple heather everywhere and fantastic views from Skiddaw and Great Calva. The winners this time were Neil Talbott with 415 points and Mary Gillie with 317 points. Great feedback from everyone. Thank you for participating and we hope to see you in November in the Peaks! 

2015 News

21st November 2015

Only a week to go for our final race of the year, the 4th Rab Mini Mountain Marathon. We have found a great area, Saddleworth Moor. Personally I had not been there before and I was impressed by the area. There a number of beautiful reservoirs and when going further up on the moors there are some stunning valleys - one on the left here on the photo. I am not going to tell you where this is as you might recognise it as one of the controls. The start is about a mile from the Boarshurst Band Club where we do the registration. The Band Club is close to the centre of Greenfield. Entries are going strong, we already have more than 250 participants for the race. I am looking forward to next week. Setting out controls on Saturday, doing the registration and timing on the Sunday and picking up the controls on Monday. See you there!

10th January 2015

Today we have announced the location for the first race in the 2015 Series. The event will be held on East Moor in the Peak District near Curbar / Calver. Today I have been out recceing. Very windy and a mix of sun, hail, rain and snow. It is a great area. Lots of interesting features. A couple of the famous Peak District edges, quite a bit up and down (at least on the bit I was recceing) but good to run. Let's hope the weather holds up for the first race on the 7th of February. Hope you will join us !

28th February 2015

Last weekend Alison has been out in the Lakes to recce and this weekend it was my and Janneke's turn. Alison had a mix of sun, wind and snow, we had wind, fog and rain, but not too bad overall. The area (can't say where yet - you will have to wait until the 19th March before we announce) is fantastic, very different from the Peaks. Challenging but beautiful terrain, waterfalls, fells, it has everything. We have got a great location for the start & finish. Can't wait until April !