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The Barn, Green Farm

DE6 2AW Thorpe, Ashbourne

14th August 2016

Just back from holidays and getting the information up to date on the website for our 28th August third race of the 2016 series. Really looking forward to going back to the Derwent fells and putting out the controls. The last time we were there for recceing there was snow on the ground. I remember all types of weather, including fog, rain, snow, but also remember a beautiful, massive waterfall and fantastic views and deep valleys. Hopefully we have a clear day so you will be able to enjoy those views. See you all in two weeks!

17th April 2016

What a fantastic day - cold to start off with, but sunny all day. Everybody enjoyed the area, it's deep valleys, high mountains, crags, bogs, ponds, tarns, waterfalls, streams. There were many route choices and it was pretty tough if you went out far. Several teams didn't make the cut off time. We had a bit of a problem with one of our start boxes, it was still on winter time, which made the download process 'interesting' to say the least. But we worked it out and were able to recover the situation. The soup, bread and specially the cakes where well received by everyone and everyone was once again outside in the sun on the grass before the sports pavilion. We had a great time setting out the controls, organising the event and getting the controls back, although on Monday morning we did have a lot of rain. We are now looking forward to our evening events and then the third race in August. Hopefully we will see you there. 

7th February 2016

Our first race of the new series. The weather leading up to event was awful. Putting out the controls was interesting to say the least - windy, wet and cold - BUT race day looked great, brilliant, exactly what we wanted. And when we arrived in Totley at 6 am and it became light, it turned out to be a bright, windy day. We had a record number of competitors this time. Everything went very smoothly, no major injuries, everybody home on time-ish and everybody really seemed to enjoy the area and the lunch afterwards. It was really buzzing in the small Sports & Social club that we could kindly hire from Totley AC. Lots of discussions around routes and controls. And now up to the second race in the series, somewhere in the Lakes. We will let you know where c1 month before the race. Thank you everybody for participating!

2016 News

23th November 2016

Only a few days now until our final event of the 2016 Series. This one has been a bit of struggle to organise from an area perspective. We have had to move quite a few controls and specially Alison has been back many times to recce. We have also had a restriction in terms or number of runners from the land owners - a bit annoying as for the first time we have had to turn people down. The area is great by the way. It is the same area as last year in November, but with the start further South it means that most runners will most likely visit a different area of this beautiful part of the Peak District. When myself and Janneke went out recceing we had to scramble above a waterfall and the views were awesome. Can't wait until Saturday to set out controls and Sunday to see how you all do.

25th March 2016

We have now announced the location of our second race of the 2016 series, Grasmere Common, just North of the Langdale area where we did our 2nd race last year. We have been very lucky with recceing the last weeks, blue skies, although also some fog and still snow on top. This made from some interesting running - a nice combination of wet and cold for your feet. The area we have gone for is fantastic. I didn't know the area that well before, and was surprised by the 'long' views through the valleys, the waterfalls and the stunning natural beauty. 

There are good foot paths in the area that make for good running, but of course there is also the usual fell terrain with tussocks, bogs, etc. But we are used to that. We had some great response on our location announcement and the entries currently stand around the 200, which is great to see. We are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. 

17th January 2016

2016 - ready for our second year of organising the Rab Mini Mountain Marathons. We really enjoyed organising last year events. Lots of great feedback, thank you all! 

Thank you also to Rab for sponsoring us another year. 

Last week we announced the location for our first race this year. The first race will be North of where we were last year, on the Longshaw estate and Totley Moor, with a bit of overlap with last year (if you decide to go there) on Big Moor. We have been recceing the last couple of weeks including today. Today was brilliant, quite a bit of snow and last week we actually did see the sun! The terrain is varied, woodland, moors, bogs, hills, crags, etc. We hope you will enjoy yourself. Hopefully the weather will be kind. See you on Sunday the 7th February.

May/July 2016

We had some great fun organising our two evening events. Last year we did one evening Rab Mini Mountain Marathon which was very successful, therefore two this year. Both in the White peaks or the South Peak District. One from our own village of Thorpe in Dovedale, a fantastic area which we love to run in ourselves. And one in a neighbouring valley, the Manifold valley. Both races were attended well and we had some great feedback on both. I am still amazed by Neil Northrop's result. Neil, from Dark Peak, came into the finish saying that he complex all controls but one as he couldn't find the final control. It turned out that control was stolen (yes, not great! they are expensive!), so basically he cleared the course, amazing! Both the Old Dog pub and the Hulme End Tea junction were great locations to start from. Very friendly people, thank you for letting us organise our events! And of course some great prizes from Rab, thank you for those as well!

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