Just home from Wales. Today Alison and I collected the controls from yesterday's race from Capel Curig. It was a special one! Last week the weather looked more challenging by the day and we were wondering if the race could go ahead. Alison went to set out controls on Friday and I was anxiously waiting for news what the situation on the ground was. Fortunately it looked good enough to go ahead, but for the first time we had to make the race area smaller and take out a number of controls. It took hours to set out a few controls in the deep snow. Knee deep in most places, but sometimes you went through the snow up to waist height or higher. Very interesting if there was a bog below! The weekend was brilliant however. The weather was cold, and a bit wet towards the Sunday afternoon, but overall decent. And the competitors seem to enjoy the challenge and everybody safely returned with a smile and lots of stories. Great to see! Really happy we went ahead and took on the challenge. Up to a successful 2019 season.

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