Thorpe, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 2AW, UK


Due to the high level nature and time of the year of this challenge we recommend you wear/carry the following items:

  • Boots or fell running shoes that are fully suitable for the type of rough terrain;
  • WATERPROOF whole body cover. 'Waterproof' means with taped seams, and not 'windproof';
  • Other body cover appropriate for the weather conditions;
  • Hat and Gloves;
  • Survival bag (it MUST be a bag and not simply a blanket), plastic or foil;
  • Compass suitable for navigating the course;
  • Whistle;
  • Watch;
  • Sufficient coins for telephone calls or a mobile phone;
  • A plentiful supply of liquid and food;
  • Not mandatory, but consider micro spikes if there is snow expected on the hills

​Please do not skimp on equipment - Hypothermia is dangerous, it is not worth it !! 

  • The British Orienteering Federation and the Fell Runners Association  have confirmed that their insurance policies do not cover individuals who are out for a run in their own time.

  • Therefore anyone undertaking MapRun is doing so in their own time, run at their own risk and we take no responsibility for any damage or injury whilst participating.

  • To ensure that all participants remain safe and to protect the future of MapRun events, users downloading the MapRun course acknowledge, accept and understand the following:
    • This is an unsupported activity and you understand that you are responsible for your own safety and determining whether you have the skills, equipment and fitness to participate.
    • You are entering and running this activity at your own risk and the organisers of the Kong Mini Mountain Marathons shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage of any nature to you or your property arising out of  participation in this activity.
    • You accept the hazards inherent in fell running and orienteering in high mountainous terrain and understand that this is an unsupported activity where you must be self sufficient and responsible for your safety at all times.
    • When taking part alone, you will make sure someone else is aware of your planned route and your intended start and finish time, you will let them know when you have safely finished.
    • You will ensure that your phone is fully charged and register for the 999-text service. To register, text ‘register’ to 999. You will get a reply – then follow the instructions you are sent. (For use in an emergency when there is no phone signal). If you have a signal you can also call Mountain Rescue - dial 112 (or 999) ask for Police and then ask the Police for Mountain Rescue
    • You will remain on public rights of way and open access areas only. 
    • You will not climb over stone walls or fences and will not cross out of bounds areas.
    • You must carry appropriate kit for the prevailing weather conditions (see kit list above)
    • For MapRun events – Juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21 years.
    • You have read and understood the MapRun Event Terms and Conditions.

  • ​This Kong MapRunF Virtual Charity Challenge is held in high mountain terrain with steep crags, rivers, falls, gullies and gills. Please be very careful near edges and rivers. Hypothermia is a real risk, please take the right equipment. Please only undertake this challenge if your experienced in fell running and orienteering in the mountains and only choose check points that are within your ability.

The Kong MapRunF Virtual Charity Challenge is held in the same area near Loweswater as the August 2019 race. 

Parking is available at the Lanthwaite Wood National Trust car park or other car parks nearby. The parking is free for NT members or £7.50 for the day. 

The start is at the outflow of Loweswater on the footbridge.

The finish is in the middle of the NT car park. ​​



1. Download the MapRunF onto your phone (make sure it is MapRunF not Maprun) via the Google/Apple app store

Once installed, you need to enter a small amount of personal information – name, YEAR of birth (NOT date of birth), and so on – to identify yourself in the results system. You should also check that your phone is correctly set up for maprun

An introduction for new users can be found here
Trouble shooting GPS Issues can be found here
A quick start guide for new users can be found here
Guidance on phone setting information can be found here

​2. Tap Select Event and browse to the event you are looking for. For our challenge go to UK/Cumbria/Keswick/Kong

3. Select the event LOWESWATER

4. Select Go to Start to see the map and course. By downloading the MapRun activity you are confirming that you have read, understood and will abide by the participant statement below. Pressing Home will exit you again from the challenge, but the map is now downloaded onto your phone. 

5. Print of a paper map and control sheet 

6. Make sure your phone is FULLY CHARGED (low battery mode is fine, think about bringing an extra charger) and drive/cycle/walk/run to the Lanthwaite Wood National Trust car park, Loweswater (NY148214) for parking (free for NT members, £7.50 all day) and then press 'go to start' in MapRunF and go to the start at the Footbridge over the outflow from Crummock water (NY151208) - see map

7. Get ready – as soon as you approach and pass through the start triangle the phone will notify you with a sound to signal – you have started. Turn on the sound of your phone to hear the notifications. Wearing an armband to carry your phone or in a race vest works well. Make sure you can hear your phone. The control circle is about 40m in diameter. The GPS/phone may not respond as rapidly as SportIdent dibbers. When testing we have found that it is best to carry your phone high on your body.

8. The start, controls and finish will change from red to green when registered on the map. There are no markers in place at control points but your phone gps will confirm each site has been visited with a sound notification when you come within the GPS tolerance of the control. Every control is worth 20 points (MapRunF does not allow different point values for controls). In the spirit of a virtual mini mountain marathon, please refrain from navigating using your phone, but use the paper map and compass

9. Your time stops when you pass through the finish (in the middle of the Lanthwaite Wood National Trust car park). There is a penalty of -10 points for every minute your are over the 4 hour time limit. When you have phone signal your results are uploaded automatically. Alternatively you can do a manual upload via the menu in the app. It is also possible to record your run using your watch then upload your .gpx file here. Sometimes results do not load via the app and we therefore ask people to join the Kong Running Strava group - from there we can upload your track as well - please join here. Unfortunately we cannot give technical support for the MapRunF app

10. You can see the overall results on the app. Shortly after the 15th November we will summarise the results and publish them on Facebook and the website. Kong has provided small prizes for 1st and 2nd Male / Female runners and for 1st Male / Female over 50. We will announce the winners on Facebook / Website and send out the prizes by mail

and...if you have enjoyed the challenge please make a donation on our behalf to Cockermouth Mountain Rescue

use this link 

pdf Controlsheet

Thank you to Kong Running and Harvey Maps for sponsoring this challenge!




pdf map

word  Controlsheet

Unfortunately this year we have had to cancel most of our Kong Mini Mountain Marathons because of Covid-19. Learning from others like Explorer Events, we have put a 4 hour MapRunF challenge together with massive support from Mike Godfree from DVO and Lou Osborn from Kong Running. The challenge is near Loweswater in the same area as our last August race. A stunning area with beautiful mountain scenery, challenging, but also runnable. 

​MapRunF is great fun and you can take part at any time you choose until the 15th November. All you need to do is download the MapRunF app onto your phone, or use a Garmin watch and MapRunG, fill in your details, select our challenge, download, drive/cycle/walk to Loweswater and GO – it really is that easy! 

This challenge is free to enter, but you may wish to make a donation to support the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team on their
Just Giving page here.