Thorpe, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 2AW, UK



Use of GPS devices or watches for navigation, measurement of distance of altitude is NOT allowed. A barometric altitude meter is allowed. We do allow tracking on GPS watches, but the watch has to be ideally in your backpack and again cannot be used for navigation.

sportident timing


start and finish times


Registration opens at 7:30 am. Start anytime between 08:15 and 10:00 am. Try to arrive at registration at least 30 minutes before you intend to run. At the start line you will be given a map and a control description / value sheet. Courses close at 3:00 pm. Lunch and hot/cold drinks will be available to participants and are included in the price. 

age limits

1:30,000 map

Each venue will be detailed a month before the event on this website. Look out for white and black Kong directional signs on the day. Please contact us BEFORE the day of the event if in doubt as to the location. NB parking may be Pay & Display.

Of course in the majority of cases nothing happens. But if you need help then you need to call 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue or call the emergency numbers provided on the map. 

If you are more than one hour late (5 hours out on the fells) we will try to call you on your mobile - please answer - to see how you are doing. If you are more than two hours late (6 hours out on the fells) and it is after 4 pm (one hour after course closure) we will call you and your emergency contact. If we have no information on your whereabouts and situation, we WILL call out the Mountain Rescue. Please let us know if you are going to be late. 

A water-resistant, full colour 1:25,000 or 1:30,000 Harvey map pre marked with all controls, will be provided on the start line. One map per runner is included in the entry fee. An area master map can be viewed pre-start. If it rains plastic map covers will be provided at the start. 

lateness penalties

The Mini Mountain Marathon can be run solo or in pairs. Solo runners have to be minimum 18 years old. For pairs the minimum age is 14. Where one of the runners is under 18, the other runner must be over 20 and must also be the parent or guardian of the junior runner. Under 16s have a straight line distance limit on the day of 20 km and Under 18s of 25 km, but that is a tall order in a 4 hour race!

entry and results

sustainable events

what is a mini mountain marathon?


control point

Final details will only be sent out by email circa a week before the event. If you wish to have confirmation of entry either enter on-line or please enclose a sae with your postal entry (postal address as below). If entering late call or text  07760558031 or 07469895267 to check if places are available. Provisional results will be displayed on the day. For full results see this website after the event. Like us on Facebook to get last minute information.

emergency procedures

The Kong Mini Mountain Marathons provide great opportunities for our competitors to enjoy fell running and navigation challenges in Northern England's upland landscapes. However, the fragile natural environment of upland areas that provide the distinctive landscapes for our events can be vulnerable from the passage of fell runners. 

In response to this we work together with our ecologist David Broom, who performs an ecological assessment to identify and address issues of potentially significant disturbance to the vegetation, habitats and wildlife of an event area.

start venue

New for 2023 is our Linear course. When you choose the linear course, you will get a list of controls with OS coordinates you have to visit in sequence within a maximum of 4 1/2 hours. After 4 1/2 hours you will be timed out and get a DNF. 

You need to bring a black waterproof marker say you can identify the controls via the OS coordinates on the map and draw on the route from the start to the first control to the last control to the finish. 

​Your position is based on time it takes to complete the course. 

We can only organise these type of events with the permission of the land owners. Sometimes parts of the map are out of bounds (crossed out on the map) for certain reasons, for example nesting areas. It is critical, also for future events, not to go into these areas. Also if any land is fenced off, it's done for a reason, therefore you must not climb fences or walls and should only use authorised points, stiles, gates, etc. as marked on the map. Anybody abusing this rule will be disqualified and banned from future events. 

We are using the well known SPORTident timing system. Dib in the SPORTident boxes at the start, finish, controls visited and the download box at the end. Control sites will be identified by red and white orienteering kites on a feature to which a SPORTident box will be attached. You must use a SPORTident dibber to compete. You may use your own dibber - please fill in its number during online entry, alternatively we will rent you one automatically. Teams please note: both members must carry and use a dibber. 

Basically a Mini Mountain Marathon is a 4 hour event in one of the many beautiful mountain areas of the United Kingdom. The idea is to visit as many control points as possible within the 4 hour time limit. Each control point has a score, and generally the ones which are further away and more difficult to get at are worth more points. If you finish late, penalty points will be deducted. 

NEW 2023: We now also provide a timed linear course - navigate a fixed sequence of control points
in as little time as possible. The route varies by race but is circa 15-20 km and circa 1000m. You have a maximum of 4 1/2 hours to complete the course. If you take longer you will be timed out / DNF. 

A map with control points is provided just after the start. It is then important to plan your route well and of course navigate well using your compass. Route planning is as important as speed!

The event is primarily for fell runners, but in the past we have also seen strong walkers participate. Navigation skills are a must. As the control points can be visited in random order, everyone can make a route that fits with their ability. 

And because we use electronic dibbers to record the control points you have visited, you can start when you like and a mass start is not necessary. This makes it more relaxed and interesting as you will only know what position you have achieved when all runners have finished. After the event a race lunch will be provided and you can share your stories with your fellow runners. 

kit list

Due to the time of year and the high level nature of these events you MUST wear/carry the following items:

  • Boots or fell running shoes that in the organisers opinion are fully suitable for the type of rough terrain;
  • WATERPROOF whole body cover. 'Waterproof' means with taped seams, and not 'windproof';
  • Other body cover appropriate for the weather conditions;
  • Hat and Gloves;
  • Survival bag (it MUST be a bag and not simply a blanket), plastic or foil;
  • Compass suitable for navigating the course;
  • Whistle;
  • Watch;
  • Sufficient coins for telephone calls or a mobile phone;
  • A plentiful supply of liquid and food;
  • Race number - will be supplied on the day and need to be worn and visible!

Please do not skimp on equipment - Hypothermia is dangerous, it is not worth it !! Event marshals will not let you start or disqualify anyone who does not meet the equipment criteria. 

We run our Mini Mountain Marathons under the rules and regulations of the Fell Runners Association. Have a look on their website.

​Most important is the GOLDEN RULE - If you are unable to complete the event you MUST (a) let the organisers know either in person or telephone and (b) return your SI dibber to the organisers. If you do not, you will be held responsible if the mountain rescue team is called out to search for you. Emergency telephone numbers will be provided on your map and with your control descriptions. 

gps policy

out of bound areas

useful information

For score event: If you return to the finish outside the 4 hour time limit, a penalty will be applied on your point total:

  • 1 to 5 minutes late - 1 point per minute
  • 6 to 10 minutes late - 2 points per minute
  • 11 to 15 minutes late - 5 points per minute
  • 16 to 30 minutes late - 10 points per minute
  • Over 30 mins late - all points lost

Linear course: you have 4 1/2 hours to complete the race after which you will be timed out and receive a did not finish DNF) result

Remember - always report to the finish, even if retiring!